Reiki Symposium at the NY Open Center


Bios of Presenters at the 2008 Reiki Symposium

Jean Bromage, BFA, Reiki Master, began her Reiki studies in 2003 and received the master attunement in 2005. For Jean, Reiki has expanded the creative inspiration she finds in her daily life, enhancing her artistic expression in dance, writing and crafting candles. As both healer and artist she has helped people connect with this flow of inspiration and creativity that reawakens the inner journey to becoming whole on every level of being. Jean brings a fluid, graceful and compassionate nature to her sessions as a Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor. She enjoys incorporating her knowledge of the Chakras, crystals, color and aromatherapy into her sessions. Her continued interests in other healing traditions and wisdoms also bring a unique depth and insight to her work. Before becoming a Reiki Master, Jean earned a B.F.A. in Dance from Purchase College and has performed and choreographed her own work in New York City.

Yvette Edery, Director of ArtistrYE Productions, Puppeteer, Creator Producer, Reiki Master, and RisingStar Practitioner. She has built and performed her ownpuppets all over the world including Spain, Italy,Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, and the UK. Sheis the recipient of an individual Masters degree,Producing Puppetry for Cinema and Theater, from NYU,the Fractured Atlas 2007 Emerging Artist grant, the2005 O'Neill Puppetry Conference Emerging Artist, andfour national ambassadorship grants abroad. She is currently writing a book on how she relearned to behappy, creating her first feature film with all marionettes, and teaching a course at the Tisch Schoolof the Arts at NYU, Puppetry in NYC.

Natasha Shapiro, LCAT, ATR-BC, Licensed Art Therapist, Advanced Reiki Practitioner and visual artist. Natasha has a private practice in her Tribeca art studio where she works with adults. She combines Reiki and art therapy in longer 1-1/2 hour sessions that consist of consultation and Reiki table work followed by time for processing the experience through drawing and reflecting on the images that came up from the Reiki experience. She has also co-led workshops on Yoga and Art with yoga therapists and has conducted workshops combining meditation and art making. She is currently working on a series entitled “Inner Landscapes”, using drawing and mixed media as well as collage on paper and canvas.

Bronwen Stiene, Reiki practitioner, teacher, speaker and author in healing and spirituality. Australian-born Bronwen Stiene has worked with, taught and/or researched healing in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan. With husband Frans, they began researching the system of Reiki, and Bronwen wrote her first book The Reiki Sourcebook. This book was the culmination of their initial research into the system of Reiki from Western and Japanese perspectives and was soon followed by a number of other equally successful books such as The Japanese Art of Reiki and Your Reiki Treatment. Bronwen is an active member of the Reiki community. The writing of Reiki books has been just one avenue she has taken to support her passion for promoting education in the Reiki community. Another major project to support this passion has been the ongoing development of the Reiki information portal which hosts a weekly audio interview program called “The Reiki Show.”

Faith Linda Weissman has had astrological, spiritual and healing transmissions from many teachers, including some very early Reiki teachers in the United States, including Aurora Agni and Ellen Sokolow, beginning in 1983. She maintains an active in person healing and counseling practice as "spiritual midwife" in NYC, Bergen County, NJ, Maryland and upstate New York. She connects by telephone counseling sessions and Reiki transmissions with clients all over the world. She has received the Kabbalah of Light ancient tradition of 'spiritual medicine' personally from Gerald Epstein, MD, taught astrology and mythology, which are central to her counseling practice, leads retreats, and been a storyteller at The New York Theosophical Society, The Open Center, The Women's Rites Center, The C. G. Jung Center, the Mount Eden Retreat Center, and many others. She is lay leader in the Jewish Renewal Movement. She works as a writer, contributing to the C.G. Jung Center/ARAS' Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism and The Dictionary of Symbols.


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