Reiki Symposium at the NY Open Center


2008 Presentations

"Dancing with the Chakras" with Jean Bromage, Reiki practitioner, owner of Dancing Light Candles
In this workshop, we will explore how dance and movement can be a healing and invigorating way to experience and transform the vibrations in our energy field. We will begin the workshop by calling in the Reiki as a group and experiencing its energetic flow together while using guided imagery to take us through the seven chakras and the different energetic qualities each one offers. From there we will explore how the qualities of each chakra can be expressed in our bodies through dance and creative movement. For each chakra, we will have a chance to move together as a group and then to improvise as individuals allowing us to experience the Reiki energy and chakra vibrations in different ways. As we dance our way through each of the seven chakras, music that resonates with the vibration of each energy center will be played for inspiration as we find our creative voice through movement. No previous dance experience will be necessary. Just come with the desire to dance and experience the joy of movement.

"Reiki and Puppetry: Divine Connection Between Healing Art Forms" with Yvette Edery, M.A., Reiki Master, founding Director of ArtistrYE Productions
Beginning with a marionette performance that takes you from the most simple marionette through the most complex controlled puppetry, Yvette will walk you through understanding positive and healing energy transfer in multiple realms of life. You will learn an internal process Yvette uses that combines meditation, Reiki, healing oils and prayer while designing, building, and performing puppetry. There will be short puppeteering lessons, followed by practice with the sample marionettes… or you can begin designing your own puppets.

"Mandala: Drawing Out Your Creative Spirit" with Natasha Shapiro, LCAT, ATR-BC, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, visual artist
The mandala sacred circle form is used as a symbol of the Self. This workshop will focus, strengthen, and enhance your personal relationship with your Creativity through a combination of body sensation and art making. You’ll experience how energy work, Reiki and meditation can help with creative blocks located in the body. The workshop includes: a meditation/relaxation exercise including a body scan, and guided imagery to help you go to a place of their choosing to encounter their creativity, or Muse or Creative Spirit. Then Natasha will guide you through creating your own mandala, using Reiki, meditation, and imagery. Discover how to use art making to enhance your Reiki practice. No drawing experience is required -- just a willingness to explore your creative connection to Self.

"Write from the Heart: Developing Your Writing Skills with Reiki" with Bronwen Stiene, Reiki practitioner, teacher, internationally acclaimed author
In this workshop Bronwen will help you discover ways to let Reiki guide you in developing your writing skills. As a published author and Reiki teacher, Bronwen understands the difficulty that many Reiki practitioners experience when faced with writing material for advertising, articles or even books. There are a number of techniques that Reiki practitioners can utilize to support and stimulate them in these tasks. Find out what these techniques are and let them work for you! Gain confidence in getting your message across without being self-conscious. You will need to bring a notepad and pen to this workshop as you learn to let your creativity flow.

"Reiki, Sacred Imagery and Your Creative Life" with Faith Linda Weissman, astrologer, storyteller, Reiki practitioner
The opening and extension of one's creative channels are augmented by being in the profoundly relaxed state that Reiki facilitates. In this open, receptive and confident state of being, very specific and short imagery exercises from the ancient system of the Kabbalah of Light bring a wealth of concrete images, sense impressions, ideas and openings for creative projects. These exercises also can help remove blockages or obstacles on the path of creative endeavors when done as an ongoing practice. In this workshop, breath work in a group and private writing by each participant of issues related to their creative lives will be followed by hands-on transmission of Reiki energy and then the short imagery exercises. A sharing period will end the workshop.


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